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Swiss citizenship

Get the best support in preparing for naturalization


Switzerland, Swiss Confederation

  • Federal Council, National Council and Council of States

  • Geographical location, parts of the country, national languages ​​and neighboring countries

  • Capital and political organs

  • Separation of powers, federal responsibilities, supreme courts


Canton of Basel-Stadt

  • Governing Council and Great Council

  • Historical outline since 1291, accession of Basel to the Confederation, separation of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft

  • Geographical location

  • Political bodies, responsibilities in the canton, cantonal courts


Citizens' community of the city of Basel, Guilds and Societies

  • Tasks and political organs of the community

  • Christoph Merian Foundation

  • Guilds, Societies: tradition and work (e.g. Vogel Gryff)


Political rights, elections

  • initiative and referendum

  • functioning of the state, federal constitution

  • Citizens' rights and duties, personal freedoms, voting and electoral rights, referendum and initiative

  • Political parties, tasks and opportunities


City history and walking tour

  • Insights into the history of the city, its culture (carnival, theater, museums), the economy (pharmaceuticals, services, university) and special events (fairs, sports, etc.)

  • Guided tour of Basel: Stadthaus - Rathaus - Münster Hügel - Bäumleingasse - Stadthaus


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